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  • How do I cancel a subscription?
    Use this link to cancel subscriptions:
  • How do I get a refund?
    Use this link:
  • How do I get the app on my iPad?
    If you installed and purchased on your iPhone you can also play on your iPad. Go to the App Store again and download on your iPad. After you have you installed, when the purchase menu comes up, select Restore Purchases. If your iPad has a different Apple ID, you can use Family Sharing to use Mahjong Practice on both,
  • How do the purchase options work?
    The 2023 one-time purchase option is the same as buying your card every year. It will not automatically renew. 2024 will be a separate in-app purchase. The monthly subscription will renew every month until you cancel it. The monthly subscription will include the new year in April. Both options include the all features.
  • How do I get the new year?
    If automatic downloads is disabled on your device go to the App Store and download the latest version to get the latest year. NMJL publishes in new cards in April every year, Mahjong Practice comes out a couple days after the first card ships.
  • Can I switch from the subscription to the one-time purchase?
    To switch purchase options, cancel the subscription. Your canceled subscription might have some days left on it. Keep using it until prompted to purchase again then select the one-time purchase.
  • How do I install
    Try our Installation Guide or contact
  • How do I play American Mahjong?
    You need to know basic mahjong rules before playing Mahjong Practice. There are lots of references online, instructors, books, videos. Some great books for learning are: The Red Dragon & The West Wind American Mah Jongg for Everyone For instructors try:
  • I know how to play, how I do use Mahjong Practice?
    The Help menu in our app has details for moving tiles around and a few tricks for special features in the app like undo and replay. The Hands and Tiles views help with selecting hands to play and tiles to keep or discard. They are sorted by the highest matching tile count. You can use those views or play using your card directly. This video shows how tiles are moved around during a game. If you have specific questions about any or our features contact or and we would be happy to help.
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